Past projects

Repair and replace wood frame and paint metal roof

wood frame was falling apart under metal roofWood frame was falling apart and roof was in wood frame was removed and rebuilt and roof was refinishedbad shape, unit had to be disassembled and rebuilt with a new frame and the roof refinished.
Old Town Alexandria , Spring 2009

Total Kitchen redo

old kitchen had to be completely guttedOld Kitchen needed to be completely gutted, all plumbing and electrical redone then new kitchen installedall plumbing and electrical redone as well as sewer line below, then a totally new Kitchen installed. I don’t usually take on large projects... but sure know how...
DelRay, Alexandria Va. fall of 2008

Hide pipes in bathroom

exposed pipes on toilet with pumpToilet with pump had exposed pipes, hid pipes behind toilet tank with access panel for servicingcustomer asked I hide pipes with an access panel to unit behind toilet tank, picture on right before final paint job, notice that no pipes are showing.
Fairfax County Va., Spring 2009

Plaster repairs

wall with damaged plaster that led to deeper problemsAble and willing to repair any wall. The visible brick behind wall needed repointing then permanent plaster fix on walldamage in this case was only a symptom of a deeper problem, the brick behind needed repointing. Once fixed the plaster fix was permanent.
Old Town Alexandria Fall 2009

Repair tile work

interior or exterior tile repair, tiles coming up do to damage beneath tilesTile repairs, interior or exterior, in this case the tilesunderlayment was rebuilt and railings reinforced, most of the porch was retiled were coming up due to the underlayment needing to be rebuilt and the railings then reinforced. As a result most of the porch was retiled. Left picture after rebuilding base.
Embassy row, Washington DC Fall 2009

Laundry Room closet wall and floor

replaced drywall in laundry roomReplaced drywall and installed a pan withinstalled pan with water alarm should the washer leak a water alarm should the washer leak...
Old Town Alexandria, Winter 2008

Repair rotten window sill

rotten window sill and moldingReplaced window molding and part of window sill,replaced part of the sill and had to make the molding from scratch to match existing molding pictures speak for themselves. Had to make the molding from scratch.
Burke Va. Summer 2009

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